Friday 18th February 2011


I took the MRT to one of my favourite places in Singapore - Bugis.

Each year they have a display for Chinese New Year in the centre of the mall strip. You can read your Chinese Zodiac horoscope.

I walked back and forth in the hawker centre, trying to decide what I was going to eat for lunch. I couldn't go past the Waterloo Hainanese Chicken Rice stall. The staff working there were dubious when I told them I was Hainanese until the one preparing my food began talking in Hainanese to me and I was able to reply in Hainanese.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Set - SD$4

The set came with a serve of rice, soup and sliced steamed chicken on a bed of sliced cucumber and a side of boiled greens, all drizzled with some soy sauce. I polished off everything!

There is so much to do, eat and see. There are department stores, street stalls in the malls and the largest street market in Singapore. There's a hawker centre, food courts, restaurants and numerous eateries on the surrounding streets. You could spend days there exploring everything!

In the afternoon I had some sushi when I got hungry. I love the fresh individually packed pieces. I think I’ve eaten more sushi this week in Singapore than I’ve eaten all year in Perth.

I also had a refreshing fruit juice. I asked for strawberry and mango, but it turned out to just be strawberry. Would be nice with a bit of vodka in it...

I had dinner at home tonight – Aunty cooked. We had a beef stirfry, chilli eggplant, panfried salmon and a pork and vegetable stirfry.

My cousin was going to take me out for supper tonight, but when he hadn’t shown up by 10:30pm, I decided I’d get ready for bed. He rocked up at midnight! I quickly changed and we went out for drinks.

I had a few shooters – haven’t had shooters for years!
And we each had a lychee martini.

Mee Poh for supper!

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