Saturday 19th February 2011


I spent the night packing most of my luggage and got up a bit earlier this morning to have time to go out and buy my ‘last’ breakfast.

White Carrot Cake - SD$3

Crystal Chicken Feet - SD$3
These would have been perfect to nibble on with a beer.

Prawn Mee - SD$3.80

My cousins and Aunty saw me off at the airport, but not before grabbing some lunch at the Paradise Inn upstairs in Terminal One.


Bitter Gourd

Fried Rice with Prawns and Roe

Pork and Wintermelon Soup

For dessert – Red Bean Soup

Next stop – Penang, for Kenny and Jeanette’s wedding!

It was a very short flight from Singapore to Penang. I immediately made my way to the hotel by taxi and checked in. The roaming on my phone wasn’t working so I couldn’t catch up with my friends who arrived a few days ago, so I took a taxi to the groom-to-be’s parents’ house for a pre-wedding dinner celebration.

Kenny’s parents had hired a catering company to put on a feast for us! There were bowls of Penang laksa served and I started on those. I didn’t have my camera with me so no photos. After the laksa, I hit the buffet. There were warm dishes being served by the caterers.

They also had someone cooking hor fun to order and someone making ice kachang to order. Just what we needed to cool down on such a hot night.

I ate while balancing my two plates on my arm. Good to see that the skills I picked up while working in hospitality all those years ago still comes in handy!

Photos from Penang courtesy of Benoit's Photography.

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