Sunday 20th February 2011


I got up early and knowing I had a long day ahead of me with the wedding activities, I went to the hotel restaurant to see if I could get breakfast. I was happy to pay because I could have sworn that I didn’t purchase breakfast with my hotel room, but turns out breakfast was included for me. There were no seats available so I suggested that I just sit at the bar and the restaurant manager was happy for me to do that.

I didn’t really feel like anything that was fried or oily so I went with the ‘do-it-yourself’ bee hoon soup. In my bowl I added bee hoon, sliced fish cake, spring onion and bean sprouts. I ladled on some soup and went back to my spot at the bar to eat. I didn’t realise that there was a large pot of boiling water next to the pot of soup for me to blanch the bee hoon before serving. So, I was eating bee hoon that was a bit hard. I forgot to blanch it when I went back for seconds too!

After breakfast the girls headed over to Jeanette's apartment to prepare for the arrival of the boys for the pre-wedding games. It was such a blast! Afterwards, we headed to the groom's family's home for the tea ceremony.

Lunch was served by the same caterers from last night.

The break for lunch was for a few hours so we headed back to the hotel where some of us rested. I, on the other hand, went for a quick swim in the hotel's pool and then went to change some currency. I was walking back to the hotel when I decided I just couldn't come to Penang and not try any of their local street food.

I walked to the street corner where there were a few food stalls and dispite the dirtiness, I ordered the Penang Laksa. I watched as the lady started picking up my noodles with her bare hands - that she had not washed - but reasoned with myself that she was going to blanch the noodles in hot water so hopefully most of the nasty bacteria would be killed. Eating street food is always a risk, but it's one I feel I need to take to feel like I am really experiencing a place I am visiting.

A I walked back to the hotel, it suddenky struck me that the laksa was served in a plastic bag. Doh! How am I going to eat noodles in soup out of a bag?? I thought I was just going to have to make do, when I remembered...

I bought these plastic microwaveable bowls in Singapore and they were packed in my luggage!

Penang Laksa

I was taking a huge risk eating this, so I just fished out all the noodles and tried to avoid drinking much of the soup. It was good! Nice, hot and spicy soup. Would have been awesome with some seafood in it.

Oh stomach, please be strong!


The reception dinner was a traditional Chinese affair with eight courses.

Course One - a selection of hot and cold things

Kerabu Prawn with Jelly Fish
Unagi Salad
Deep Fried Crispy Lychee with Seafood
Deep Fried Pandan Chicken

Course Two - Braised Shark's Fin Soup

This is one of my favourite guilty pleasures! Benoit didn't have his so I scored a second bowl!

Course Three - E & O Hotel's Roasted Pe Pa Duck

Course Four - Steamed Red Lion Fish

The menu says the fish is steamed but it looked like it had been deep fried to had a crispy golden skin.

Course Five - Stewed assorted Vegetables in a Bean Curd Skin

This dish looked rather odd when it was placed on our table, but the waiter pierced the bean curd skin open and then spooned some of the mushrooms and vegetables out for us.

Course Six - Fried Fresh Prawns with Butter Sauce and 'Golden Sand'

These prawns were huge!! As big as my palm! I only intended to have one but a second one was generously placed onto my plate so I couldn't refuse!

Course Seven - Fried Rice in Lotus Leaf

Course Eight - Chilled Honey Dew Sago with Dragon Fruit

I missed out on eating dessert because I had already made my way onto the dance floor with one of the Aunties on our table who had started bopping at the table.

I really shouldn't have eaten those prawns, let alone two of them! I realised that I had broken out in hives while I was on the dance floor. What is going on!? Luckily for me, the hotel was just a five minute walk down the road and I was able to pop up to my hotel room to take an antihistamine before rejoining the night's festivities.

After showering and getting into my pjs, I discovered that a group of late night stragglers were going out for supper so I changed and joined them. I was sooooo exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open. We went across the street to a little food court.

Roti and Curry - the curry was sooooooo good! Nice and spicy!

I felt like something cold so I ordered Ice Kachang.

This is a weird paper-thin crepe dotted with sauces. I think chilli? It made a crispy treat - perfect with a beer methinks.

My gosh...what an incredibly long day! But was an awesome day of food, festivities and new friendships!

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