Thursday 3rd February 2011


Today at work we decided on a Thai theme for lunch.

I prepared two dishes last night in advance. I wanted to make the green papaya salad, so I searched for the grater that Dad bought from Thailand to use to grate the papaya into julienne strips. Much more efficient that slicing it into strips like I had to do last time I made this dish!

I am going to have to buy one of these on my upcoming trip to Bangkok!

Look how fine the grater slices the papaya.

I fried some egg omelettes for the Thai fried rice that I'm also making.

Woo! We were all excited for lunch today!

Thai Fried Rice with Pork

Green Papaya Salad - Som Tum

Ian's Beef Massaman Curry

Jane's Pad Thai

Rebecca's Meatballs and Pineapples

She also made some Peanut dipping sauce for the meatballs.

We had donuts, which we all polished off for dessert. In keeping with our Thai theme, we joked that they're either Thai donuts, from a Thai bakery, or made by Thai people.

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