Wednesday 2nd February 2011

Tonight's the eve of Chinese New Year for 2011. the year of the Rabbit.

I went to the Asian supermarket to buy a 'lo hei' kit.

It's very simple to prepare. On a round dish, I arranged the pickled vegetables around in a circle, leaving space in the centre for the sashimi salmon. The crackers, nuts, sesame seeds and sauce go on just before serving.

I bought a piece of sashimi grade salmon from the seafood store at Westfield Carousel. Look at that gorgeous, fresh colour. I seasoned the salmon with the spices and pepper from the lo hei kit and some olive oil. I arranged some slices of lime around the plate because I didn't want to add it to the salmon until it's ready to be eaten.

While I was at the store, I spied these dried tamarinds.
They look like...big pieces of poo!

Since my family are all overseas on holiday, I was very generously invited to Ivy's parents' house for the Chinese New Year reunion dinner. I very happily accepted! So, in anticipation for a large dinner, I had a light salad for lunch.

I bought a bag of Hass avocados from Cannington Fresh for only $2.99. I was a bit skeptic at how cheap it was because there were about ten in the bag. I reasoned that it would be good value if at least three of them were good. I was pleasantly surprised with how great the first one looked when I cut it in half. A very good bargain if the rest of them are like this!

Caesar Salad with Bacon & Anchovies

My gosh, Ivy's mum prepared a feast! Not knowing that I was going to bring the lo hei, Ivy's mum had ordered it from a local Chinese restaurant, Foo Wah. We had this and mine went into the fridge for them to have tomorrow.

There is a mountain of grated carrot and
chinese radish beneath the slices of salmon.

Ben and Ivy added the crackers, nuts and sauce and
we all stood up with our chopsticks to dig in.

Happy New Year!
Here's to health and prosperity!

Roast Duck

Boiled Chicken with Ginger

Panfried Fish in Soy Sauce

Deep Fried Goodies!!

Kang Kong

Abalone & Mushrooms

There was also a plate of char siew but I must have forgotten to take a photo of it! My photos are also a bit out of focus as I was hopping around the table to take a quick photo of each dish before everyone started eating. Ivy's family were great to humour my snap happy ways!

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