Friday 8th April 2011

This morning we used the remaining sourdough from yesterday's lunch to make cheesey toast!

I have never had vegemite on toast before so today was a first. I loved it! The saltiness with the gooey cheese is a perfect combination!

Beef Red Curry

I enjoyed a few glasses of this wine tonight. A 2009 "Parliament of Owls" Cabernet Merlot from Golden Grape Estate in South Australia. Soooo smooth.


Anonymous said...

hiya, have also just tried this wine at a friends house and loved it - do you know where to buy it?


saz said...

Hey there! This is my new Number 1 favourite wine!! You can't get it from liquor stores. You need to get in touch with a wine wholesaler called Pieroth -

They have wine reps that can come out and do free wine tastings for you and your friends.

Awesome awesome drop.