Monday 4th April 2011

I have been anticipating tonight for years. Tonight was the night that Vernon finally invited me over to have spaghetti bolognaise that he would cook.

We did not have spaghetti bolognaise.

Vernon did not cook for me.


Instead, we went to their local IGA to pick up some groceries and returned home to make a lamb roast. I would love to eat roast beef, lamb or pork more often. I am always eyeing the large chunks of meat in the shops but rarely take them home with me for dinner because it's just too much meat for one person to eat.

We seasoned the lamb with things we found in the pantry. Some olive oil, chopped garlic, dried chilli paste, salt and pepper, and some herb mix. We also stuck some fresh rosemary from the garden into the top of the lamb.

In the oven at 180C for about forty five minutes...

...and voila!

We also baked some potatoes and carrots.

Perfectly cooked lamb.

Roast Lamb with baked Potatoes and Carrots
and steamed Corn and Beans

For dessert, Vincent made a Cointreau syrup with sliced oranges and we had them with vanilla ice cream. Delish!!

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