Saturday 2nd July 2011


I entertained a close group of friends tonight by throwing a four course dinner party.

With the wet and cold weather, I decided I needed warm, comforting food.

When I knew what I was going to cook, I typed up a menu and busied myself after work to get everything ready.

Shallen helped me set the table.

Antipasto & Charcuterie Platter

Garlic Prawns with Crusty Bread

I couldn't resist adding chilli flakes to make it garlic and chilli prawns! I've kept the oil that was left behind. It will be awesome to dip bread in or to even use to cook some pasta.

Main Course
Beef Stew served on a bed of mashed Sweet Potato & Pumpkin

I slow cooked the beef stew in my Le Creuset french oven for about two and a half hours. It went into the oven just before my guests arrived and was ready by the time it was ready to serve the main course.

Apple & Pear Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream

I forgot that I had bought a carton of custard to serve with the crumble so I gave my guests the option of both. I had mine just with the warm custard.

We got through four courses, a bottle of sparkling, a few beers, four bottles of wine and a few rounds of tea and coffee.

First dinner party in my new house was an amazing success!


Nadine said...

OMG Sarena yum! It all looks so amazing! Will def have to visit your new place in the summer. How's it all going? Looks like you've settled in and enjoying the space :D Nadine

saz said...

Hey Nadine! Yeah I've pretty much settled in and am loving my quiet nights infront of the TV with a glass of wine or around the table with friends eating! You must let me know when you're back in Perth so I can organise a catchup for you!